To be is to do.
Chase Venters  
"For a better KDE4 bugzilla!" 
Joseph Gaffney  
"Squashing bugs is yummy!" 
"Towards a faster b.k.o!" 
  J Verhoeckx  
"For the new harddrive!" 
Victor Fernandez Martinez  
"Keep up the good work! KDE rules!" 
Dominic Battre  
"Keep up the great work!" 
"Another quality sysadmin product" 
Olle Håstad  
Toan T Nguyen  
"This is from the author of kxmame. Thanks for KDE and good luck." 
David Capel  
"KDE rocks, keep it coming :)" 
Paul Eggleton  
"Thanks for KDE. Keep up the great work!" 
Ernesto Barragan Lopez  
"Glad to contribute to this great project. KDE is excellent!. This is my little grain of sand. E" 
Daniel Haas  
"For the new! Keep squashing the bugs!"" 
Guillem Mateu Mascaro  
"Donation from"
Michael Glave  
"for reporting bugs making more fun..." 
Paul Vixie  
"I use KDE all day every day and I'm grateful for this opportunity to help support its development." 
 Vishal Vatsa  
"Good luck with the upgrade, hope to see you guys in Dublin. Thanks for all your work on KDE." 
Jacson Querubin  
"Hi People of KDE, Thanks for all, I use KDE for 4 years and keep the good job!" 
Christian Hesse  
"More power to the server of a really powerful desktop. :)Please continue the good work!" 
Andreas Schwalm  
"Using it now for about 6 years, and I love it. I can't wait for KDE4 to be released. Thanks to all the people that are working on this great project or "just" making some applications for it. Thank you!" 
Steffen Zieger  
"Thanks for the great work and a great Desktop." 
Jean-Philippe Renaud  
"Thanks for the hard work with the KDE3 series and best wishes for KDE4" 
Gregory Loscombe  
"Small donation to say thanks for all the wonderful work the KDE development team have done. I'm just sorry I have no skills to offer other than money, but hopefully this will be put to good use." 
David Legg  
"Thanks for a great desktop, and here's to it getting even better. Go and buy yourselves some new equipment!" 
Pandurang Rao 
"Thank you for your efforts in developing KDE." 
Médéric Boquien 
"Thank you!" 
Robert Schouwenburg  
"Hunt those bugs! And thanks for a great desktop! Robert" 
Matthieu Bedouet 
"I've been using KDE for so many years, many thanks to all KDE staff!" 
Gonzalo Martinez Sanjuan R  
"In the name of the community ( and all PCBSD users, well donate money gladly to our fav Desktop Env." 
Chris Jezovnik  
"Thank you for all the great software." 
Parag Warudkar  
"Many thanks for KDE. Hope this helps with the server upgrade." 
Stephan Wienczny  
"Weiterhin viel Erfolg!" 
Michael Braun  
"Thanks for the best Desktop I've ever used. Waiting for KDE 4.x. ;-)" 
Georg Müller  
"Big Thanks! For KDE4 :)" 
  Ralf Görke  
"Thank you for this great desktop !" 
  Patrick Götz  
"thanks all the KDE people for all the great work and the wonderful Environment. I love It!" 
Martijn van Vliet  
" is important" 
Florian Sievert  
"Florian Sievert - Keep up the good work." 
 "Keep on hacking - all the best from"
J. Dooley  
 "For hardware, travel, etc."